History of Beer

Somewhere back in time someone apparently dropped some bread dough in some water and noticed something weird happening. They drank the liquid and the rest is history. Ancient drawings show the how-to process of dropping bread into water. Lots of time passed before anyone realized that you could skip the bread/dough process alltogether.

The last mystery ingredient was yeast. For many years the purity laws called for beer to have only grain, water and hops. There was much debate on what made sweet water turn into an adult beverage. The winners were those who said a living organism was responsible.

By the mid 1800's beer as we now know it began to take shape. There was this new coal called Coke (a non-carbonated chunk like if you've ended up on Santa's wrong list). This allowed for a controlled heat to be applied to sprouting grain to stop the process. There were no golden beers before this time. 

Now we love beer, I mean the beer like you don't see on TV. So... where do we go from here?


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